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I love polls, especially about religion

According to a Harris Poll:

According To Harris Poll What It Really Means
94% of people who claim to be Catholic believe in God 6% of people who claim to be Catholic are complete morons.
86% people who claim to be Catholic believe in Heaven 14% of people who claim to be Catholic don’t even know what it means.
22% people who claim to be Catholic believe in Witches WHAT?!
82% of people who claim to be Catholic believe in the survival of the soul after death. 4% of Catholics believe Heaven is just there for no good reason.
90% of people who claim to be Catholic believe Jesus is God or the Son of God 10% may be Catholic, for for God’s sake, not Christian!
74% of people who claim to be Catholic believe in The Virgin birth 16% think (reasonably in my opinion) that Mary and Joseph shook the headboards.
32% of people who claim to be Catholic believe in UFO’s 68% absolutely do not understand the whole “chosen people” concept.  OR they MUST believe there’s an alien Jesus ALSO (who’s mother may or may not have been a whore and who may or may not have died for their sins so that they may or may not go to heaven).

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Why can’t I sleep at night?

It’s Monday.  It’s past 2 AM.  I can’t sleep.  Despite watching House 2, a favorite movie of mine from many years ago, I can”t sleep.  Now, I end up watching a bad Netflix-on-demand movie that I really don’t care to watch, just because it’s a “psychological thriller”.   And it’s new.  why I cannot sleep, I do not know.  I will be falling asleep at 1o AM at work tomorrow, yet despite the fact that I have not napped, I have not rested since I slept last night, I still wake.  I have to force myself to sleep.  Why?   I have my day prepared for tomorrow, perhaps over-prepared, but I will struggle through that day, and again, why?  I do not know the answer.   I read a bit of Charles Manson’s writings and interviews this evening.   I cannot explain why I’m interested except that there was something in the news about someone finding out they were CM’s kid.  Can you imagine?  Like I have said before, I get obsessed at times about certain things, and today it was Charles Manson.  He was, and definitely is, still crazy (at least according to modern psyche) but reading between his lines depicts a guy who is deathly concerned with the future of humanity and the future of this planet.  I actually looked up ATWA (Air Trees Water Animals), and the first thing I found was some pop song that ripped off ATWA from Manson.  While I think that CM is a psychopath, I don’t think CM’s knowingly responsible for the deaths of so many people he is accused as being a conspirator of.  I do think he is a very intelligent, philosophical person that people admired.  This is a dangerous trend.  We have so many people looking for answers that the most absurd answers make sense.  What if we just stopped searching for answers?  What if there are no answers?  Then again, why do I lay awake at night?  Not for answers.  Not out of fear.  Out of desperation, I guess.  I go to work every day, and it tires me.  I need to find a solution that fits my obsession.  News.  Somehow news.  I am fascinated by human activity and obsessed by human action.  One of these days, I will find relief.

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Alyssa Bustamante #2

There has been a lot of speculation around this case, and I have to admit being particularly interested in it.  I cannot say why.  There are bizarre criminal cases that seemingly pop up every day.  This one caught my attention.  Not just my attention, I’m borderline obsessed with it.

This case just involves so many social topics, it’s just plain fascinating.  How much does family dysfunction contribute to delinquency?  How much does Prozac contribute to homicidal behavior?  How could a 15 year old do such a thing?  The questions are seemingly endless.

The fact that this was a totally random (albeit planned) crime suggests that this girl is a sociopath.  She has been raised with a sense of right and wrong, she understands that killing is wrong.  The sense of desire to feel something greater than herself was just too strong.   This is a fundamental problem, and one with which I am not unfamiliar.  I was raised as a religious person, attended 12 years of Catholic school, and subscribed for quite a bit of it.  But the fact is, when you can’t count on your faith to pull you through, you need to start counting for yourself.  Familial problems, religious extremism, social invalidism, all contribute to this sense of hopelessness.  It’s a damn shame.  But, and this is a big BUT, if you take someone who is imbalanced from birth (this should be obvious) and subject them to the environmental problems that this girl endured, you’re bound to (at least some small percentage of the time) end up with this result.

Ms. Bustamante, in my opinion, is a reality.  A reality based on statistics.  At some point society creates this troubled person.  It’s a shame.  And although I believe that this girl is permanently damaged, I can’t help but feel a sense of sympathy for what she’s been through.  I, like I said before, raised in a catholic (and a good one at that) home and had all of the privileges of a middle-class upbringing.  I honestly can’t say that had I been subjected to the same lifestyle that I wouldn’t be a criminal.  It’s a scary thought, but something that always comes to mind when thinking about this tragedy.

I know that society in general is ready to hang this girl, but somewhere in my over-logical mind, I don’t think it’s the answer.

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Evolution – The Religion vs. Science Debate

Let me state first that I do not believe in God.  I think it’s a great theory that some god created the universe,  but I have a problem accepting something that was written 2000 years ago, and has been translated may times over, as truth.  I use logic as the basis for my beliefs, and logic tells me that the whole God thing doesn’t add up.  That’s another argument, so on to the task at hand.

So, where do we come from?  How are we different from rocks, plants and animals?  What makes us so special?

The fact is that we are simply made up of atoms… of  some tiny particles that all matter has in common.   The interesting thing is, however, that unlike a grain of sand, we can move.  We can make noises and learn things.  We can have “feelings” and affect other people’s “feelings”.  Why is this?  Why are we the way we are?  We are special.  Why are we so special?   Ah… the question that started it all!

I happen to believe that we are not, in fact, special.  I believe that just the  fact that so many believe in the religious doctrine that we are “chosen” ones, is just plain selfish.  Really, if you look at the world we live in, all of the life, the beauty, the harmony… all humans have ever done is screw that up.  So we were, what, chosen by God to destroy the natural balance and beauty of “nature” on this planet?  Interesting.

Human beings are, essentially,  a parasite.  We feed off of the planet and give absolutely nothing back.  We are certainly not in symbiotic accord with any other species on this planet, this is a natural rarity.  So, there you have it, we are special.  We are abominations of nature.  No better than your common tapeworm.  Why would an “all-knowing” entity place such a plague on the millions of unsuspecting animals and plants on this planet?  99.999% of us, in some way, contribute to the depletion and destruction of life life on this planet every waking moment of every waking day of our lives.  Way to go God.

Pardon my digression, back to the topic at hand.

I have a lot of questions for those who flat-out deny evolution.  How do you explain DNA/RNA similarities we have with primates?  How do you account for the many fossils that have shown the path from Homo erectus to Homo sapien?  Did someone plant the evidence?  Is carbon dating a thing of science fiction?  What evidence do you have that this didn’t occur?  A fairy tale called “Genesis”?  No one is sure exactly when the thing was penned, but it was somewhere (and not all at the same time)  in the range of 1200BC-222BC.  If the people were so inspired back then, why do we not believe that the sun is carried across the sky by a chariot?

The old testament is a book of blind theory.  It is not based on any physical evidence whatsoever.  Given that, I don’t see the difference between it and hieroglyphics.  The Egyptians even came up with the idea of the soul long before.  We had gotten smarter, realized that the rest of their religious beliefs was a bit bogus, and held on to the only parts that made sense.  The soul, and the afterlife.

Wikipedia states, “In Islamic theology, a person who spontaneously “discovers” monotheism is called a ḥanīf, the original ḥanīf being Abraham.”   Christianity is an Abrahamic religion along with Islam.  In the advent of monotheism, or the “birth” of God, this would have been the doctrine for monotheism in general and not just Islam.   So, spontaneously discovers God?  Which to me says that someone, or a group of people, just spontaneously decided God existed.  Interesting.

Again, I digress.

So let me restate that I do not believe in God, and do not put any merit in creationism.  BUT, just as I cannot say that God does not exist, I cannot say that creation never happened.  All anyone can ever do is speculate.  It is my opinion, however, that science is sound.  Carbon dating is sound.  The same process is used to date the precious scrolls of Christianity (and every other religion) that are used to date our ancestors’ remains.  So either both are right or both are wrong.  Given this… To deny evolution, to say it DID NOT happen, is admitting that you have no idea why you believe what you believe.

I have no problem with people who believe in “divine inspiration” or that at some point we were endowed with a soul.  That agrees with everything we observe today, and isn’t contradicted with scientific findings.  Of course, I think this is hogwash too.

I found some interesting statistics from Gallup:

  • 21% of those having a High School education or less believe in evolution (52% have no opinion)
  • 74% of those with Postgraduate degrees believe in evolution (16% have no opinion)
  • 49% of adults 18-24 believe in evolution (33% have no opinion)
  • 31% of adults 55 and over believe in evolution (38% have no opinion)
  • 54% of those attending church weekly DID NOT KNOW that Darwin was associated with Evolution!

This data tells me one thing.   Those who deny Evolution are generally undereducated and supremely devoted to their religions beliefs based on no other evidence than that’s all they know and it sounds good to them.

As a footnote:  I make no implication that people who have faiths in religions are in any way less intelligent.  I just think that denying evolution is plain ignorant.

If you don’t wish me smote, check out this page.  Very interesting.

Proverbs 14:15
The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

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This is how I live it…

I realized that I would rather spend time rearranging the dishwasher than just washing the dishes.  So I told myself, that seems pretty lazy.  But it’s not a matter of laziness, as much as it is preference.  Truthfully, I would rather spend twice the time organizing.

Plants that aren’t specifically “indoor” plants, don’t grow very well indoors.

I hate people who lie.

I am not always the best of friends when it comes to birthdays and such, but if you ever called me for help, I would give you everything.   And I still consider you just as much of a friend as the last tiem I saw you.  Friends are important.  Good friends are very important.

I always wash my hands before coming out of the bathroom.  I don’t always wash my hands before I eat.

I like martinis and scotch, not necessarily in that order.

I am addicted to Mafia Wars and Farmville on Facebood.  I know, it’s stupid.

I wish we had 36 hour days.  I could work 12 hours a day if I could sleep for 12 and have 12 hours free.  How amazing would that be?

I’m addicted to coffee and nicotine.  They make up a decent percentage of my “meals”.

In some small part of my mind, I still think I can win Powerball, but somehow I manage to not match ANY numbers when I play.

Sometimes I think being alone isn’t so bad.  Sometimes I think it sucks.

I have a million things I want to do, but never have/make the time to do them.  I am a master procrastinator.  But to my defense, having to work some weekends makes that more difficult.

I have deduced that logic is my downfall.

I am much better at handling other people’s problems than I am my own.

I get obsessed by things.  Sometimes it’s a news story, sometimes learning about something.  I know WAY more about Scientology than any sane person should.

I’m looking for a dogma that fits my beliefs.  So far I have found a few that are close, but still have too many inconsistencies.  I’m thinking about founding TomMacKenzieism.

Yet more to come.

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