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This is how I live it…

I realized that I would rather spend time rearranging the dishwasher than just washing the dishes.  So I told myself, that seems pretty lazy.  But it’s not a matter of laziness, as much as it is preference.  Truthfully, I would rather spend twice the time organizing.

Plants that aren’t specifically “indoor” plants, don’t grow very well indoors.

I hate people who lie.

I am not always the best of friends when it comes to birthdays and such, but if you ever called me for help, I would give you everything.   And I still consider you just as much of a friend as the last tiem I saw you.  Friends are important.  Good friends are very important.

I always wash my hands before coming out of the bathroom.  I don’t always wash my hands before I eat.

I like martinis and scotch, not necessarily in that order.

I am addicted to Mafia Wars and Farmville on Facebood.  I know, it’s stupid.

I wish we had 36 hour days.  I could work 12 hours a day if I could sleep for 12 and have 12 hours free.  How amazing would that be?

I’m addicted to coffee and nicotine.  They make up a decent percentage of my “meals”.

In some small part of my mind, I still think I can win Powerball, but somehow I manage to not match ANY numbers when I play.

Sometimes I think being alone isn’t so bad.  Sometimes I think it sucks.

I have a million things I want to do, but never have/make the time to do them.  I am a master procrastinator.  But to my defense, having to work some weekends makes that more difficult.

I have deduced that logic is my downfall.

I am much better at handling other people’s problems than I am my own.

I get obsessed by things.  Sometimes it’s a news story, sometimes learning about something.  I know WAY more about Scientology than any sane person should.

I’m looking for a dogma that fits my beliefs.  So far I have found a few that are close, but still have too many inconsistencies.  I’m thinking about founding TomMacKenzieism.

Yet more to come.


September 3, 2009 - Posted by | My Thoughts

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