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Tempe pastor reiterates wish for President Obama’s death

Reported by: Tim Vetscher

TEMPE, AZ — Parishioners leaving the Faithful Word Baptist Church in the East Valley Sunday carried not just their Bibles, but guns as well.

Pastor Steven Anderson said he and his congregation have received death threats after a controversial sermon earlier this month.

“Guns are a great deterrent,” said Anderson.  “We haven’t had any violence because people know if they come down here swinging a baseball bat, we’re ready to protect ourselves.”

On August 16th, Anderson delivered a sermon titled “Why I Hate Barack Obama.”

In it, Anderson admitted he prays for the president’s death.

It is a position he reiterated Sunday.

“If you want to know how I’d like to see Obama die, I’d like him to die of natural causes,” said Anderson.  “I don’t want him to be a martyr, we don’t need another holiday. I’d like to see him die, like Ted Kennedy, of brain cancer.”


I don’t even know what more to say than these people are mentally ill.  They’re probably all going to die in some mass soul-saving suicide.

I have a fundamental problem with people that take the bible as the literal “word of god”.  It’s in ENGLISH!  It was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic.  So the literal “word of god” is something you can’t even read!  These peoples’ bible is the King James Bible.  Sounds to me like that’s the word of, um, just guessing here… KING JAMES!

Although I am not a religious person, I have much respect for peoples’ faiths… as long as they’re not lunatics.   These are the come-to-your-door freaks trying to save your soul.  It’s fascinatingly disturbing.

From their website (

We believe that salvation is by grace through faith. Being born again by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ is the only requirement for salvation.

Oh, AND almost forgot:

– Not being gay
– Not being “liberal”,  “worldly” (they certainly aren’t, that I’ll give them), OR “modern”
– Being fed by a brainwasher, and being too mentally incompetent to know the difference

This guy was Tased by the Border Patrol for not complying with orders.  Now that’s some funny stuff.   It’s a good look for him.



Steve, you do show some compassion by hoping Obama dies of brain cancer, because I hope you die of complicated infections on your genitals and anus, you un-American, right wing, psycho piece of human garbage.  Our ancestors came here for freedom from FREAKS LIKE YOU.  Don’t you get that?  Come up to PA sometime and spout your mouth.  You’ll wish there was a cop with a Taser in sight.  You, sir, are the head terd of a pile of shit floating in the sea of insanity.   Good day.


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Dumbass #2

Towing capacity: 7000 lbs.
Payload capacity: 2000 lbs.
Actual payload: 90 lb. Yo-boy, 100 lbs. speakers
Money wasted on off-road technology: All of it

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Dumbass #1

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More news

Ahhh, the news…

Today it’s Ted Kennedy, and unfortunately Jon and Kate.  I have unique gripes for each of these.

Good ol’ Ted.  I understand that Ted was a good guy, and I understand he was a Kennedy.  But honestly, those who care about this should be able to go to a news site like and be able to read OTHER news without trying to filter out the 37 articles about his death, life, family, nose hair, ass crack…

The point is, why can’t they just put up a “Ted’s Dead Baby” link and let people who want to read about him do it?  I feel like when I read the news these days, I’m being force-fed events and fodder that I really don’t care about.  There is no reason to have links to articles on the Home page, the US page AND the Politics page!  It was the same for MJ.  It was the same for Swine Flu!  Please, I beg you, news organizations.   STOP!

It is for this reason that I have decided to get my news elsewhere.  The brilliant folks at and have done an absolutely fabulous job at handling this.  We get up-to-date news links that span the globe and offer a constantly changing range of topics and interests.  Dare I say that what started out as an act of boredom has actually trumped BIG NEWS?

FARK, we need ‘FARK local’, and we need it badly.  Although, Florida gets to stay on all local sites.  They do indeed have some of the most bizarre news.  My best local option right now is The News Journal (, the state of Delaware’s press-pride-and-joy.  Quite frankly it sucks, and here’s why:

1) Advertising: every time I click a link on the page I get inundated with “please log in” pop-ups because I work for a reputable company that filters out all of that crap.  I have never had this problem… never.  Not on snopes, not on FARK, not on CNN or on this blog.  What the hell are you guys doing there?

2) The Race Card: The News Journal intentionally and completely removes the race from 100% of the crime stories they publish.  Check this out:

  • ROBBERY AT ATM: Police are looking for a robber who took money and a bank card from a Wilmington man withdrawing cash from a PNC Bank ATM on Sunday afternoon. Wilmington police said the victim was using a teller machine in the 1000 block of N. Union St. about 3 p.m. He told police that while he was getting cash, a man in his late 20s and about 6 feet tall approached him and motioned that he had a gun. The robber grabbed cash and a credit card from the victim and fled south on Union Street. Anyone with information may contact Wilmington Police Detective Division at 576-3620.  (

“A man in his late 20s and about 6 feet tall”?!  Are you freaking kidding me?  That’s ME!  And about 1000 other I see on a daily basis!

“Anyone with information may contact Wilmington Police Detective Division at 576-3620”?!  Information about WHAT?  Should I call and tell them about every 6′ tall guy I see in his mid-20’s walking around the street?

The only think I can guess here is that someone sued the paper for some race related something-or-other and now they are afraid.  Ridiculous, useless, shameful and afraid.

PLEASE, someone in Delaware start a new paper.

And finally Jon and Kate:  If you care about what the hell Jon and Kate are doing, talking to, crying over, etc… please never never never read my blog again.  Seriously.

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