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Today is Wednesday, July 7th, 2009.  The top story on CNN?  Michael Jackson’s memorial service.  Let’s see how some news actually ranks in the hearts and minds of news-junky Americans:

1) Fans across country mourn | And the world
2) Fans assemble for Jackson memorial
3) L.A. wants help paying for Jackson memorial
4) How are you honoring MJ today?
5) Places to go to honor Michael Jackson
6) Web braces for Michael Jackson onslaught

Meanwhile the following stories are listed in these positions (which I consider to be how important CNN thought they were):

11) 8 U.S. soldiers dead in 2 days in Afghanistan
16) Taliban may be buying kids for suicide bombs

What kind of fucked up place do we live in where chilren suicide bombers and dead American soldiers take the (very) back seat to some celebrity dying?  I know he was huge, and I know he was weird, but come on.  Even if he didn’t molest those kids, he wanted to SLEEP WITH THEM!  Come on people.  This was an obviously very deranged pedophile who made some good music.  I admit, I’ve listened to it, and I do like some of it.  But I also listen to Johnny Cash, who’s news coverage was nothing like this, and he didn’t fondle little boys.  It’s outrageous!  I’m embarrassed for every person who flocked to wherever-the-hell this memorial is, and have spent NONE of their time lobbying for the return of our soldiers.

Let’s talk about this Israel/Iran thing for a moment.  Obama has “not given the green light” to Israel to attack Iran, but says it is “up to them to defend the security of our nation”.  Hmmm.  So, let’s assume that Israel DOES attack Iran.  Where do they have to go through?  Iraq.  Who is on all sides of Israel?  Militant Muslims (not everyone of course, but this isn’t the point).  Who’s going to have to fend them off?  Russia?  China?  Djibuti?  No.  Us.  We’re going to be in ANOTHER god-damned conflict because Israel wants to flex its muscles.  Here’s an idea.  STOP KILLING MUSLIMS IN THE WEST BANK.  Jesus, they’re fighting over a piece of land that are smaller than many of our FARMS.  LET THEM HAVE IT, and maybe they’ll leave you alone.  At least for a while.  Then, they’ll probably still come for the Holy Land, which was theirs to start out with.  Would we call Native Americans “terrorists” if they wanted the land that was rightfully theirs?  Oh, yeah, we did.  And we killed them.

There is something seriously wrong here.  There’s a place that I know that I would love to move to, it’s called Switzerland.  And if we get into another middle east pissing match, I might just try to move there.

Call me un-American, but I would like to live in a society that doesn’t insert itself into other people’s problems, and where my countrymen’s lives are more important than some child molesting freak’s funeral.


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